Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 3: Bob Mullen

I wish Bob Mullen was still alive so that I could thank him for the gift of creative writing.  I only had him as a teacher for a short time - one creative writing class in high school.  He was a writer himself and he forced us to try all different genres and styles.  I wrote some great stuff in his class and he introduced me to poetry.  While I will never be the poet laureate of anything, I love being able to express myself in poetic forms.

Sadly, Mr. Mullen reportedly committed suicide just a few short years after I graduated.  I never got to thank him for being the teacher he was - he shared his own writing, respected ours.  He seemed like a very quiet but funny man.  I wonder what he would have done with his own writing, with his teaching, if he had stayed in this world.

I know he has daughters out there - one of them went to school when I was there.  I hope they know that there are people out there who fondly remember their father.  

Thank you, Mr. Mullen, for your kind soul.  I wish I could tell you in person.

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