Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 15: Roby Starns

February 24, 1985 Beach Poem to Roby

do you remember

decapitating little green penguin

lollipops or 

listening to the anguished 

high-pitched screams

our multitude of 

bubble-gum flavored

gummi bears emitted?

the waves lapped

up the shore

cleansing it for the 

next wave

that cold rainy morning

we woke up at

4 a.m.

it warmed up though

and a large yellow

U.F.O peeped out from

cloudy pillows 

to shoot 

ultra-violet rays

to pound our 

unprotected heads.

we waltzed on the

wet sand

our feet cold in sodden


the blanket billowed

behind us 

as we ran 

willy-nilly along

deserted beaches at

6 a.m.

"Save a Prayer" blared from 

the boom box

running low on batteries

because we listened to 

"Dreamgirls" all the way there.

we didn't pay attention to

"Our Ultimate Beach Song"

as we romped toward

Haystack Rock.


we sang a rousing rendition

of "I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean"

from our high school musical.

we spent all our money

and gorged on Haystack bread

before we went back

and sat in the shelter of driftwood

to watch the sun set.

Jean A. Miller


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