Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it Snow?!?

It has been a week and it is still has been the worst/best day. It is beautiful out and I don't feel pressure to go out of the house unless I want to. It is the worst because the roads are terrible and I have been trying to manage things for work.

Right now (as of about 9:30pm) I have about 8 inches of snow outside and it is still falling. I don't have a GREAT camera to show this, but I did take some pics from my sidekick.

Crazy cold, too. The Weather Bug I have on my computer is registering 18.3 degrees. Been snowing since about 5:30am...

This is the top of my car around 1:30pm...It has been snowing harder since. This was about 4 inches of snow.

This was at 1:30pm, too. COLD! BRR!

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