Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fonts and Layouts and Templates, Oh My!

I read an article today about Fonts and which fonts are good to use (in general) and which are bad.  I'm pretty sure that the new font I'm using on the blog would end up on the "BAD" list...for some reason, though, I have been craving a font that looks different...I may have to keep experimenting - I don't want it to be hard to read, I just want it to have some personality. It's kind of like driving a yellow car or liking screaming Pink - you can't just have the regular thing. It needs to be amped up a notch. If you find this font too hard to read or annoying, please let me know. I will probably go back to something more normal soon - I just needed a change...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jean

    You have a informative and cute blog,i like it. Different people think differently and do.

    Lyssa Gale
    Classic Fonts



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