Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I love GLEE

Last night, the "Glee" episode just reminded me of how much I admire the show. I love that it has made it 3 years in a time when television shows are all knock-offs of each other. All the cop shows are going to blow up their buildings, the doctor shows are having crashes or bombs or some dramatic death. At this point, a dramatic cliffhanger is really only whether or not the show will come back in the fall.

I love that "Glee" has brought older music to young people, younger music to older people, genres introduced to folks who might never have listened. I love most of the guest stars they have had, I love the performers. I love that they guy who plays Finn has grown so much and that they ALWAYS choose the perfect song. Last night, I wondered if he ever had imagined himself singing on television. I love Lea Michele and her voice. I love Chris Colfer and Kurt. I think his relationship with his dad is amazing and I wish that Roby was alive to see it - to know that a straight dad COULD be a good father to his gay son.

I love Glee. Love Love Love.

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