Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol - Finale Fizzle


If you don't already know who won American Idol last night and you don't want to know, you shouldn't continue reading as I will reveal the winner in this post.

I love "American Idol".  I have been watching since the finale of Season 1.  I love watching the performers grow and learn and incorporate feedback to become better performers and singers.  I love Carrie Underwood and Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson and several other former Idols.

I wish the finale was more about the Idols.  I don't think it is appropriate for the judges to perform on the Finale as they did tonight. That just seemed self-indulgent.  Additionally, the Bee Gees tribute was AWFUL. I know it was live and they had little time to prepare the harmonies but it was AWFUL.  It would have been better to just show a clip of Robin Gibb from a couple of years ago when he was on the show instead of a poorly mic'd, poorly rehearsed off-key version of Bee Gees classic songs.

And why WHY WHY!!!??? would they waste a Jennifer Holliday performance by splitting it up with a 16 year old?  Sure, she can sing, but she is a mimic.  Someday, she might be an artist - right now, she isn't at the level of performance to be able to interpret songs in her own way.  The song she chose for her single, should she win, was proof - she hadn't been practicing that song since she was 5 years old, watching the original performers on YouTube, so she had nothing to help her. If she had the right song or a song that people had heard before and she could have studied for a couple of years, she probably would have won.

I'm not sure that Phillip will be all that happy as an American Idol - I have heard the contracts are very restrictive. Who knows?  I was happy for him and moved by his performance at the end.

Rant over - except to say that next year, I doubt I will subject myself to the entire finale. I really only want to hear the Idols perform - I haven't really enjoyed the jam-session atmosphere they have had for the past few years. I might be alone in that, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to remind myself to just fast forward to the end and have done with it.

Congrats to Phillip Phillips.  I hope he can take care of his health and enjoy his win.

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