Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nablopomo: Recess

The May Nablopomo theme is "Play". I usually don't follow the themes there very closely, but I liked some of the prompts, so I thought I would use them for the time being.

Today's prompt: Recall a strong recess memory.

I have little snippets of memories of recesses from when I was a kid. We went to so many different schools, sometimes I can't quite place them...

Chasing the boys around the playground at Crawford Elementary in Aurora, CO. I remember kissing a boy that I caught in one of our games.

I don't know how old I was - I think it was probably kindergarten (Crawford Elementary) when I was going down the slide. There was a hug puddle at the bottom, so we would go down the slide and then once three or four kids were at the bottom, we would turn around and climb back up the slide to avoid the puddle. One time, the girl in front of me had on rubber boots (duh, it was wet outside) and the top of her boot caught my loose front tooth and popped it was a bit early, so it bled...a lot. Being 6 years old, I was quite concerned that the tooth fairy would not come without evidence of a tooth, so I wrote and illustrated a lengthy letter to explain the circumstances. I included drawings of the slide and the puddle for good measure.

At Lindsay II (when I was in fourth grade), we used to bring our dolls to school and dress them up and brush their hair. I never brought Barbies - I had other, larger dolls that we played with. One was Tiffany but I can't remember the name of the other one.

At Lindsay II, I still chased time, we were running around and I fell down and slid. I had been wearing a white skirt, kind of short - short enough that when I scraped all the skin off my thigh in the slide, the skirt couldn't really cover or disguise all the blood. I didn't want to miss German class, but they made me go to the nurse anyway.

At Crestview, I don't remember recess...I'm not sure if we had them exactly. The K-3 grades were in maids quarters in base housing. There was a playground across the street, but I don't remember too many recesses there. I think each class went outside to play when the teacher was ready to go - it wasn't super organized or anything.

I don't remember recess AT ALL in Florida...I'm sure we had them. I was there for part of fourth grade, all of fifth and sixth grades. I just don't remember recesses...

Memory is a weird thing, isn't it?

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