Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Presentation Follow Up

I did my presentation today. I realized that sometimes, you can't doctor the thing you have always done forever. I keep adding and updating and moving things around, expanding and deleting, but I realized that sometimes you have to demolish what you have and start from scratch.

Overall, I think the presentation was fine - I had fun and I think the students enjoyed it. At the same time, I just felt like I was in a mud hut when I needed to be in a penthouse apartment...I needed a different foundation and structure. What's hard is that I'm not a linear speaker, but I try to have a frame. My frame was wrong yesterday and I felt like I was floundering around.

I have decided that I will be working on it on and off so that the next time I have to present, I will be in the right framework and I can be as unlinear within that structure as I want and I will feel like I did what I needed to do.

I'm not even sure I'm being clear here, but at least I know what I mean. :)

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