Saturday, July 7, 2012

Entering the 21st Century

All right, folks. I have entered the 21st Century...I got a new phone. I have a work blackberry but I needed something that I could use personally and my old black berry (one of the first versions, I suspect) wasn't doing it for me. I got an upgrade and yesterday I finally called TMobile to set up the data plan. They are always amazed when I call because I have been with them for almost 10 years...I just figure it is easier to stay with the same company - sometimes it is cheaper, sometimes not, but eventually, you get some perks.

Anyway, I now have a phone and am working on setting up the email account to go with it...I'm hoping I will figure it out before the beginning of the next century although I'm not sure if that will happen...I already can't find the "Call Voicemail" says I have a voicemail, but I don't know where it lives.

Even if I stand in the same place, the landscape just changes around me. It's a good lesson.

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