Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Someone Like You" - ASL Storytelling

There is sound on this vide - a beautiful ASL Storytelling rendition by Sherry Hicks. I was fortunate enough to see her in a performance many years ago in Las Vegas at the Region V conference with a group called Half and Half. Their style and talent always stuck with me.


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  1. That was pretty powerful. I did not use sound, I will come back again when I can hear it. But I am really out of practice on comprehending what is said. I for some reason more able to communicate more than comprehend. Things move to fast. And I seem to have forgotten so much. Too I think my daughter and Leslie used allot of short cut and slang. And Leslie some how knew what I was saying. So I was taught as I communicated. I talk to her online and text. But have not seen her in 4 years now.



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