Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

The fog rolled in so strong last night it looked like heavy sheets of rain coming from the ocean in the tiny lights on the building. It was beautiful.  It's funny that almost every time I come here, the last night gets foggy and lasts into the morning. By the time I get to Lincoln City on the way home, the sun is shining there, but it is almost like the fog is ushering me home.  Makes it easier to go when it is getting colder. Just a little demarcation - vacation was sunny, now it is foggy. Go home. :)

This was a little too short, I think, but better than not going at all. I have another bit of time later in August booked - when I don't have a show and other things I need to worry about.  This was a great breather and will help me keep my sanity for a little while.

Stopped at the beach in Lincoln City for a few minutes. I saw a woman dressed entirely for winter - she was wearing a full length down coat, a woolen hat and heavy pants.  It was about 65 degrees out but very windy. One last look and back to real life.

I think I need to start taking pictures that include people (me, people I know, etc.). I'm not a good photographer, really, but I don't practice enough. I just need to start practicing and see what happens.

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