Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Down

Well, the show went very well. There were a couple of rough patches and it was SUPER LOUD as we were placed directly in front of the giant speaker tower. There really isn't a better place to put us and that is normally where we stand. I just plug my ear when I have to turn my head to the stage for too long.

The audience was energetic and enthusiastic.  I hope everyone enjoyed the show.

I wasn't quite hydrated enough - I could tell by the end of the show that I was needing more water, but it wasn't too bad. I feel like I was really close to where I needed to be, so that was nice.  I did have a weird reaction this show - I started to lose my voice.. Weird, since I don't have to sing or talk at all.  By the time I got home, I was super hoarse and my throat felt like it was raw. I think that might be part of the lack of hydration - I drank about a gallon of water when I got done.

Oh. Also, I found out that I am extremely vitamin D deficient this week. I am taking supplements, but I wonder if that may have contributed to the weak/hoarse voice after the show.  I have been running around so I haven't really had a bunch of time to research it. I know being low is not good and also quite common in the Northwest. Gotta get outside more to help those supplements along.

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