Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beginning 2014 on an Artful Note

Yesterday, I committed to myself that I would have a low-screen day (less time on computer) and do some art, read and maybe watch a movie or something.  I did manage to have less time on the computer, I did some art - started working on my planner and a new journal. I put in the movie version of "Les Miserables" and worked away.  I took some photos but I have to find the usb cord that goes with my camera - the one I have here is too big.

First, "Les Miserables" is good every. single. time. It just is. The only reason I didn't bawl was because I was working on my art journal and planner.  I finished putting washi tape on the edge of the planner - it looks cool, although I looked at the photos of some of the other participants and I have no idea how  they got them all so even and perfect. I have a couple of pages that frustrated me to no end, but I decided that a little imperfection was good for me.

Then, I decided I wanted to access a class that was showing some techniques for decorating the planner, but I found that the hosting place where I need an account to access the class (supposed to be free) just changed to $25/month. I'm just not into paying monthly fees for things like that, so I struggled mightily with myself before deciding it wasn't worth it.

I'm kind of excited about this art stuff that I'm doing now - it just feels good again. I'm really focused on letting the activity itself be the part that is meaningful - not just the end result. Imperfections are allowed.  It's such a stretch for me, but I'm getting there.

Today, the Brene Brown ecourse started. "The Gifts of Imperfection". I'm doing it again and taking the second part, as well. I'm very excited to do this again - more time and more commitment to it this time.

Photos later this week, I hope.

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