Sunday, December 20, 2009

Art Journal Temporarily Derailed

All week long, I was looking forward to an opportunity to work on my art journal - I have been missing it. I wanted to fold a couple of new ones and start them up (new colors and maybe a white journal so that the colors of the collage and pens stand out more), but I didn't do it.

A little event called Christmas intervened and I cleaned and shopped instead. I thought I would do it today, but I didn't. I had a date with a friend to go play Bingo - she loves it and I think it is fun enough. We finally set a date and went to play.

I think it is fascinating how some people win and win and win and some people just DON'T. I came closer tonight than I ever have (I've been to play maybe 5 times in my life), but still, no dice. I know it is all just luck and attentiveness - there is no way to predict which ball is going to pop up. But it is interested. I wonder if people have studied the statistical anomolies of Bingo. I bet it would be interesting, although I'm sure it wouldn't really lead to career opportunities.

I guess all this prep will be fine - I'm going to see Shirlee this week and the rest of the family and we will undoubtedly do some "family function" before the week is out. I will get to my art journal...I just miss the outlet. Once you get used to doing something that relieves stress (like writing this blog), the pressure builds up when you don't do it. Like a pressure cooker, you have to find ways to let the steam out.

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