Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Three Years On...

My dad died three years ago today. Oddly, my sister and my mother say the date is Dec. 28, but he died at 3:00 am on Dec. 29, 2006. Isn't it strange how we perceive things so differently - even something like this. I wish I had been closer to my dad - he was not an easy person to get close to and had a lot of barriers. Being in the military saved his life, but it also made him somewhat unapproachable at times.

I miss him. I see older gentlemen walking, having coffee at Starbucks, in restaurants or the store and I always tear up. There is a certain physique that always makes me think of him and I am sad that he and my mother weren't together to enjoy their retirement.

One of my goals this year (I didn't do it last year...) is to figure out how to scan slides so that I can post some of the photos of my dad when he was younger, too.  He was the photographer in the family, so it was hard to get him in front of the camera, especially as he got older.

Anyway, I miss you, Dad.

"I know all your life you wondered about that step we all take alone...how far does the spirit travel on the journey? You must surely be near heaven and it thrills me to the bone to know Daddy knows the great Unknown."  ~ Rick Springfield

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