Friday, December 11, 2009

My Life as a Verb...

I saw a commercial for the movie "Julie & Julia" which I enjoyed greatly. I bought the book but I haven't read it. I know - SHOCKING.

Anyway, as I was watching, I was thinking about how cool it was for Julie Powell (I think that is her name) to take on a project like cooking all of Julia Child's recipes for a year. It made me think of Patti Digh's book, "Life is a Verb" (and soon to be published, "Creative is a Verb"- I can't wait!!) and I wondered if I could make a project out of reading her book and doing the exercises.

In the telecourse, "Live Your Wild and Precious Life Now", we have gone through the book and I had read much of it before the course started, but I was thinking that maybe I could do a chapter a week - focus on one or two of the exercises and then write about it here...I'm not sure. I'm still marinating the idea. Maybe I need to go back and do Patti's "Write-Your-Own" Fridays.

Any thoughts? Any other suggestions? I do so much better with a project - otherwise anyone brave enough to read this blog gets to hear about me being tired or having a long week or whatever. Even I prefer to write about other stuff...but I'm not always good without a predetermined structure. Feel free to give me your thoughts. :)

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  1. Continuity in a fluid manner is always soothing and makes for expectation and anticipation, I think. I say go for it, Jean. The only negative is when someone happens to fall in in the middle and may feel temporarily sort of lost, but even that (for me anyway) ignites curiosity.



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