Friday, December 18, 2009

Introducing the "Lists of Jean"

In an effort to head off those "I'm so tired" or "I had a crappy day" posts, I purchased a book called "Listography: Your Life In Lists" and it arrived yesterday. In honor of that decision, I have decided to implement the Lists of Jean (LOJ for future reference). Today is the first official List of Jean. I am going to start with the first page, but in the future, I am going to randomly pick a list from the book and use it as a prompt for a post.

I think lists can be fun and short and you usually can learn something new about a person (unless they are totally predictable - which, be warned, I totally am...).

Here is a brief note from the first page of the book:

"Listography, the book is designed to help you create your autobiography through list making. I created Listography because I am nostalgic. I love the little details of life, from experiences to favorites, and I wanted to create two nice places to capture and share those details: Listography, The Book and I believe that everyone should have an autobiography, if only for their loved ones to read and even in the simplest form: a list.

Lisa Nola -"

Now, without further adieu, here is Lists of Jean installment #1.

List Pets You've had and Their Names:
1. Cindy the beagle (Denver, Colorado)
2. Rusty the cocker spaniel (Panama City, Florida)
3. Starsky and Hutch the gerbils (Panama City, Florida)
4. Laverne and Shirley the gerbils (+their many many children as they were NOT both girls.)
5. K.C. the Himalayan cat (Kitty Cat, as it were) (Oregon)
6. Tigger the black cocker spaniel (Oregon)
7. Molly the black cat (a direct Tutularu kitty descendant) (Oregon)
8. Poppy and Lily - Molly's daughters and grandaughters of TutuKitty (Oregon). Poppy lived until she was 18 and Lily lived until she was 16.
9. A goldfish whose name I have forgotten (Oregon)

10. Sebastian the blue beta fish (Oregon)

Bonus Pets (pets that belonged to Roby and whom I loved as well):
Tutularu (mom-cat)
Pippi the cockapoo
Alex and Dmitri the chocolate pomeranians
I did not love his lovebirds
Sofie the Dove
Gretta Cato - the most beautiful and bitchy calico cat EVER
Blanche DuKitty - sister of Molly, Daughter of Tutularu and most talkative cat EVER
Kong the shar pai
Bella the black lab
William the black cat
Edgar the Maine Coon Cat who suckled on my hair and drooled a lot
Eponine - little black kitty who was maimed by a possum and never had a chance
Sophie the black pug.
Boris the fawn colored pug and Roby's last pet

1 comment:

  1. Lovin' the variety and sometimes simplicity of names, Jean. Blanche DuKitty especially cracked me up with the descriptor of being talkative. And there I was thinking KC was a tribute to a disco age pop music maker until the Kitty Cat explanation.

    -amused and enlightened-



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