Friday, October 9, 2009

A Rich Week

If you read this blog regularly, you have already seen that this week has been a mighty struggle - in fact, the last couple of weeks have been. If you don't regularly visit (that's ok), now you know that the last couple of weeks have been difficult. Too much to do, back pain, tiredness, flu, too much to do.

So, the culmination of all of this seemed to be last night when I interpreted "Ragtime" for a Deaf audience. After all of that, I was worried about my energy level, about my ability to stay focused, present. About my interpreting, since I don't do it every day. Thinking in two languages simultaneously requires a clear head and an exercised brain, a strong body and lots of stamina. I thought it had gone well, the audience members seemed to follow the show.

Today, on Facebook, one of my friends who is Deaf wrote "Saw "Ragtime". Jean and Z. WERE AWESOME!!!!!" This friend would never hesitate to tell me if I had done poorly or well, but to see it there, for the world to see. Really filled my heart. Then at the ASL Comedy Night, another friend who is Deaf (who I admire greatly) told me I was their favorite theatrical interpreter for musicals. The person is very discriminating and I did not solicit this feedback in any way. I nearly burst into tears, I was so happy. That person's opinion means so much to me. I'm still an interpreter at heart and I am so glad to know that even if I don't do the work full time, I can still do the work. :)

In addition, I received a forwarded email from one of my bosses. A person I work with sent them some very flattering words about the work I do and asked that it be placed in my personnel file.

Tonight, I got to see friends I haven't seen in a LONG time and to see the community I love so much come together and celebrate American Sign Language and support a cause - it was such a beautiful end - and THAT was the real culmination of the week. I feel blessed.

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