Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What moved me tonight

For some reason, I fell down the rabbit hole of YouTube again. I always call it is such a crazy, wondrous place where I can waste far, far too much time.

Tonight, I ended up being moved by this song - "Praying For Time". First I listened to Carrie Underwood's version on "Idol Gives Back":

Carrie Underwood – Praying for Time on Idol Gives Back 2008

Then George Michael's version:

This led me to "Love is in Need of Love Today". Roby and I fell in love with this song and it suited us perfectly on those nights when we were mourning the loss of our innocence and the fact that he had HIV. I think we thought somehow love (something) would swoop in and save the day. Save his life. It didn't. "AIDS going round, breaking many hearts. So stop it please before it's gone too far."

"Love. Give the world love." Yeah. That.

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