Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Joy Diet: Treats (Catching Up)

I have been keeping up with the readings but not always the activities in "The Joy Diet" that I am reading with a group of incredible women. For more information, click on the "Joy Diet" button on the left side of the blog.

The chapter on treats was a good chapter to remind me that there have to be some joys in life in between the work.

Step One: Compile a list of spontaneous smile sparkers
1. pictures of friends
2. thoughts of beach vacation(s)
3. planning art projects
4. movies that are coming out soon
5. cute kittens on www.cuteoverload.com
6. BookFest
7. pink or multicolored things
8. kindness
9. looking at stars
10. musical theatre

From step two: Catalog of Sensory Delights (list 5 things that give you sensory pleasure):

1. I love the taste of lemons, coconut, pumpkin pie, garlic bread, Reece's peanut butter eggs.

2. I love the sight of the ocean, pink sparkly things, books, colorful art, smiling friends.

3. I love the feel of water, chenille blankets, someone washing my hair, sunshine in February, a big, sincere bear hug.

4. I love the smell of garlic bread, Opium cologne, Kouros cologne, freesia, clean sheets.

5. I love the sound of laughter, the opening notes of "Les Miserables", the ocean rushing over the rocks at Rock Beach, elephants calling, guinea pigs squeaking.

One last activity was called "Practice Divine Decadence" where we were to put down our virtues and then do something that went against that. I haven't done it consciously, but I did do it recently. I am hardworking and work long hours. Recently, after a particularly emotional week at work, after completing all my tasks in less than 8 hours, I left work after only 7 hours. It felt like I had eaten a whole pound of chocolate or something...decadent. I didn't really delve into this, I just realized when I was thinking about posting on this topic that I had really given myself that treat without realizing it. If I had it every day, it wouldn't be a treat, so I enjoyed it for what it was.

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