Sunday, November 15, 2009

Huh? and double HUH?

I have been working on the internet and doing stuff today and I turned the TV on for a little noise. Watching the end of the "2008 Ironman World Championships" on some local channel, I keep tearing up. Folks who have overcome personal tragedy, physical barriers, emotional trauma...It was moving.

Weird for me, in some ways, to be crying over people I've never even heard of...but it is like the Olympics - hearing people's personal stories and knowing they have gone through so much to be where they are.

What a Sunday afternoon. :)


I started watching figure skating. It is always hard to know which event and even for which year. The sportscasters are talking about qualifying for Vancouver, so it is probably a fairly recent event...called, "'s Skate America".

I'm not kidding.

I had to stop what I was doing and listen to them say it more than 3 times before I actually realized that the sponsor of the event...was Doesn't have a much better cause to sponsor? No offense to figure skating, but...shouldn't the money go

I'm not even sure what to say. When stadiums first started being named for corporations, I didn't know that Staples Center was named for the STORE Staples...I thought it was the last name of someone or...the town it was in...or...something. The Blue Cross/Blue Shield stadium just doesn't have the right ring to it that say, "Yankee Stadium" or "Wrigley Field" has. But really?'s Skate America? I had to turn it off.


  1. There is definitely a certain level of sadness when we walk outside and realize that everything is commercialized. And yet, as consumers, we drove the car into this direction. I wonder if we can turn back time or is it too late?

  2. I know that is a crazy new way of advertising. In St. Louis the new stadium was the twa for air plains and now it is some thing else. Who would have thought to have sponsors that would be the name of your building. Thank you foe stopping buy. On the wisdom cards. I just did paintings and drawings to represent an emotion.And some how the answer was in the photos. I have not came up with any new ones lately. I need to do some happy ones. I see you are in sign language. I know some from my daughters friend who is both deaf and a teacher of her skill. I am no where as good as my daughter in communication. But her friend knows what I say. It is me who don't understand so fast as they do.



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