Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday, Sesame Street!

I'm pretty sure that I started watching "Sesame Street" within 2-3 seasons of the show starting. I remember watching it when I lived in Denver, the very first place I ever lived. "Sesame Street" and "The Electric Company" with Rita Moreno and Morgan Freeman were two of the shows that live most strongly in my memory - and "The New Zoo Revue"(sp). My sister was into "Mr. Rogers" and although I thought he seemed nice enough, I thought he was BORING.

So, in tribute to "Sesame Street" and the Children's Television Workshop and all the good they did for kids and literacy and many other important topics, here are a few videos to job your memory.

Here is the original 1970s "Sesame Street" theme song video:

Here is the old version of "Menomena" from the 1970s, too. I love the mouths on the girl puppets when they get annoyed with his scatting. This boy muppet looks like the first version of Animal who was on "The Muppet Show" later.

C Is for Cookie - in honor of Cookie Monster, who apparently will be retiring so they can have the Carrot Monster so that kids will not want to eat cookies (because Cookie Monster is the only reason kids want cookies, you know. :( )

Cute Kid with Kermit - ABCDEF...Cookie Monster

Inch Worm from Season 3

and one of my favorite characters - Grover!! I loved him when I was a kid. I always loved the book "The Monster at the End of this Book" with him in it, too.

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