Friday, April 30, 2010

I Heart "Top Chef"

Since I had an opportunity to interpret culinary school for about 6-7 months in the last decade, I have been fascinated by chefs (see Chef Ramsey posts).  One of the first times I went to visit my friends in Sacramento, they were watching one of the final episodes of "Top Chef" and I watched with them and I was fascinated.  I have been looking for the show on DVD since then.  Finally, this year, when I remembered to look, there were DVD sets available.

I have watched "Top Chef: New York" and am currently watching "Top Chef: Chicago".  I LOVE IT.  I love a show that displays and expects the highest levels of talent to shine through in extraordinary circumstances.  I find most of the food disgusting, but I learn a lot about food and cooking and personalities.

Anyway, I am 5 episodes from the finale and while I want to watch them all really quickly, I also want to savor them. It is so nice to have DVDs to watch so that I don't have to put up with the dreck that is on network television in the evening.

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