Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Band Candy" and "Top Chef"

Tonight, in celebration of the fact that I had no other commitments that would distract me, I watched Episode one of Season 4 of "Top Chef".  I think most of the dishes they cook sound really disgusting and I wouldn't order any of it unless someone was paying me a LOT of money and yet...I find this competition fascinating. I love watching the people cook and I love hearing them talk about why they made the dish they made. The first person to go was sent away because she put so much salt in a dish it was inedible... Yikes.

And now, off to try to finish an episode of Buffy that I have been trying to watch for three days... "Band Candy", one of my favorites.  I keep turning it on and then I fall asleep. Last night I didn't wake up until almost 4:00am.  Hopefully, tonight, I will get a little further through it.

Finally, three cheers for FRIDAY!!

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