Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dreaming of a Getaway

For the last couple of days, thoughts and images and memories of my vacation trip to the coast last year have been popping up at unexpected moments.  I'm thinking that I'm overdue for at least a couple of days at the coast for some R&R.  It takes some careful planning so that I'm not gone during scheduling or on a payroll day or any of a million other things that stand between me and a good book, my feet up and the roar of the waves outside of my bedroom window.

I guess that is the next item on my very long list of things to do...but I think priority-wise, it is at least in the top five.

I was going to post a picture from my last trip, but I still haven't figured out the photo situation on Blogger AND it was taking way too long to upload all the photos from the blog so that I could just repost one of them. Sigh.  Add it to the list.

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