Thursday, June 24, 2010


I know I have kind of talked about not feeling well for the last week or so...It is a weird illness...I think a virus of some kind. Basically, if I am sitting still and quiet, I feel ok. If I get up and walk 10 steps, I feel like an elephant is standing on my back. It is a combination of feeling like someone hit me with a big stick over and over and the continuous elephant pressure.  There is a breathlessness that goes with it (I see a doctor regularly so don't worry that it is something that it is not...this came on suddenly in Las Vegas).  Several people I know seem to have the same symptoms. I have a doctor's appointment next week just to be sure.

So what, then, is my admission? Well, my admission is that I was really REALLY nervous about the show tonight. Interpreting theatre, particularly a show like "The Lion King" requires great physical staminas and would not be considered in any company to be "sitting still and quiet". I wasn't sure if I would be able to stand or breathe or maintain my composure for the whole show. I haven't been this nervous to do a show in YEARS...I just wanted to be good and not fall down.

The good news is that I did it and I think I even rocked a little bit (not the whole time, but some is better than none). I did not fall down. I did have to sit during some solos to conserve my energy, but I was able to emote and to respond and got through the whole show without incident. I am so grateful. I am actually hoping that the blood movement in my body and the adrenaline will help push this virus right out and I will start feeling better soon. It is so ironic because last week, I was bopping down the hall at work thinking how good I felt. Kiss of death, that positive thinking. Smile.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty good but definitely ready to call it a day. Thanks to all who helped me get through the day and thanks to Shannon for holding down the fort. I know the last couple of weeks have been challenging for her and I have not been myself.

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