Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saying Goodbye

One of the women from the telecourse I took this fall passed away recently.  She was in her 80s and was the kind of person I aspire to be - she was loving, courageous, outrageous, unafraid and a host of other wonderful qualities.  She made a deep impression on all of us as we navigated our coursework that was all about grabbing onto life and really living, embodying our own stories.

If you are interested in some inspiration, read Patti Digh's comments here.  She was able to capture Celeste's spirit and nature and our affection for her in her words.

I have a card from Celeste sitting on my desk at work.  She sent me a card that said, "Leap and the net will appear", which is one of my favorite quotes.  She had an uncanny way of SEEING people - everyone in our group received an individual card from Celeste that really got to the essence of the person, even though most of us never met in person - we were all on a teleconference together.

I thank Patti and David Robinson for facilitating the group that gave us the opportunity to meet Celeste and to be inspired by her. I thank Celeste for seeing our essence. Tonight, I will raise a glass in celebration of her life.  May we all become more like Celeste.

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