Saturday, June 19, 2010

L Squared

 This photo is for Cher's Las Vegas show. I took it to send to my friend, Michael, in Sacramento. We bonded over Cher when I was down there last time. "If I could turn back time..."
 This is the night view from my 12th floor window. I meant to take a daytime photo, but I kept getting up and running out because I was on my way to work.
 This is another shot out my window, but showing more of the NYNY building I was in.  My room was on the 12th floor.  I know the pictures aren't great, but they are all I have from this trip. I don't know why I don't take my camera out more often.
Here is the banner at the Keller Auditorium for "The Lion King" in Portland.  I thought I should start training myself to take photos of stuff for the next time I go on a trip - maybe if it is in muscle memory, I won't forget to take good pictures.

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