Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer, Reading and Bookfest

Well, it is summer and I have been bitten by the reading bug. I want to take my books and run away to the beach and spend the week reading and resting and listening to the waves. I will be planning a trip soon - as soon as I am done with "The Lion King", I am ready to really go on vacation.

One fun thing this year will be choosing a Bookfest book to take with me on the trip. I am hoping to find some treasures this year, but I'm not quite ready to plan the whole thing...I will have to decide if I want to enter the book buying spree with a list or if I go all organic (like I usually do).  Books are so funny for me.  A book calls out to me in a way - it could be something I have looked at a thousand times and then one day, it decides it wants to go home with me. I mean, obviously, there are books I have waited and wanted, but normally, it is all about energy and the title and the cover and then the story.  I almost always find some inadvertent theme in the books that I buy for Bookfest. Some of the themes have been AIDS, death and dying, 9/11 stories, Jewish themes, World War II, Middle Eastern stories, all women writers.  It usually happens on its own and then I discover the theme either right before I purchase or after I get to KGV's house to do the "unveiling".

Anyway, BookFest is coming!  Vacation is coming!  I can't wait!

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