Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trip Pics

The first photos are the view from our hotel window in the Hyatt Hotel on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. 

We went to the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum where the energy and number of unsupervised children wore us out after about 2 hours.

Then we drove the scenic route through the Presidio (took me a while to get my camera out for that). We got stuck behind a student driver who was literally driving about 10 miles per hour. The backup behind them got longer and longer and longer. We finally pulled over and let everyone pass and took a detour for a while.  We went up the hill to the Legion of Honor, but we didn't go in.

We went to the beach (I guess I never really thought of San Francisco being on the beach...I'd been on the ferry from Oakland, but I didn't think about the ocean being right there. We saw lots of giant container ships off the coast. They moved really fast considering how large they were. I didn't get any photos of those.  

Then we went to Moroccan food for a birthday celebration. The restaurant was called El Mansour. We had superb food and even more superb service from a lovely gentleman who had a very sexy and deep voice. He talked to us about buying his own lamb from the halal butcher and described all the dishes in detail. He was quite yummy and I wanted to take him home with us.  My favorite food was the chicken with honey and prunes (delicious) and the Bastela du Chef (pastry with chicken, almonts and an assortment of spices). 

The tiles are the mosaic on either side of the doorway to the restaurant. I am a terrible photographer (I'm trying to get better) but I wanted to remember how beautiful it was out there.  This was the first full day.  That night, after a full day of eating, we drove back to Sacramento for the rest of my stay.

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