Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

I did relatively nothing yesterday, so today, I had to get my behind in gear. Listening to "The Lion King", getting my script ready for rehearsal, going to rehearsal. Worked on cleaning out my car, although I didn't finish (it was raining too hard to finish).  I wanted to go to the movies today but rehearsal was at the time I usually like to go, so I gave it a miss.

I'm also reading a good book right now, although I haven't made any progress in it this weekend. Will take some time this week to read more. Looking forward to doing some art when the show is done - I'd like to think I might do some before then, but I know I won't.

Getting ready to buy a ticket to Las Vegas for a work trip. It is funny how I can go for months and months and not travel anywhere and then I will take a trip that generates a bunch more trips. Vegas will be short - a few days, but it will be good to see some of my colleagues in person. Some notables will be missing, but life must go on.

Also, a woman from my LIAV telecourse passed away last week. She was a firecracker and lived her life so fully we were all just amazed by her. I am saddened by her death but glad I had the chance to know someone who was so full of life. Celeste, wherever you are, thanks for your courage and your participation in our group. I am richer having known you.

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