Friday, August 6, 2010

Bamboozled Even Though I Saw it Coming

Message: ! Jean Call me RIGHT AWAY! I need to talk to you tonight before I leave the office!

1. Jean - NEVER CALL PEOPLE when you get a message like this. You KNOW it leads to no good.
2. If you cave and call, *do not agree to anything* during the call.
3. Remember, you are not responsible for saving the world.

Story: I got the above message last night. I called it. Even though I KNEW what was happening WHILE it was happening, I agreed to help this person out. Thus, I have made their emergency my emergency. WHY? I don't even mind that I am helping but I am not thrilled about the time line for preparation because it infringes on my time this weekend. But, it is my own fault. I agreed. So, I'm not annoyed with anyone but myself.
Bottom line: I didn't follow ANY of the instructions above. But now I know. I have written them down. I can refer back to them in a pinch.

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