Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tech glitches

I have been trying to download a picture to my computer from a disc I have so that I can then upload it onto the blog. I have not been very successful because I am only click-and-drag smart on the computer and beyond that, kind of like a turtle on its back.

Ironically, I was able to get two pictures (from these vintage photo CDs I bought a while ago) saved onto the hard drive and uploaded here (see below) and the other ones won't upload without the disc. Frankly, I'm just feeling too lazy to go back and find the stupid package, put the disc back in, find the picture, figure out how to upload/download it and start all over. So these two will do for now.

This picture is from the "China Pictures" folder. I chose it because I thought it was so beautiful and so delicate. I usually am not super-attracted to Chinese art, but I thought this was really unique.

I just really liked this photo of the moon and I think I will eventually print a copy and put it in one of my Art Journal collages.  I love the colors and I'm excited for fall to be coming around the corner.

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