Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodbye, Summer

If I still worked for the school district as an interpreter, I would be heading back to work today. I missed my opportunity to meet a friend for lunch before she went back - we both have good intentions, but hard to get schedules together.

I had big plans for my post today - this morning I had all these thoughts running through my head - but then, at dinner, I was eating a bit of corn on the cob (yum) and I bit my tongue so hard I thought I would pass out. Obviously, I have bit my tongue before, but never so hard or to the point of some pretty excessive bleeding. It literally felt like I bit the end of my tongue off. Icky, scary and painful. I spent most of the evening with my tongue in a glass of ice water.

So there you have it. Summer is pretty much over (weather, back-to-school) and I bit the crap out of my tongue. That's the news. That's pretty much all I can do for today. So, goodnight. More tomorrow. Hopefully more interesting or less weird. :)

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