Sunday, August 15, 2010


I must have done something in another life - I don't think it is from this one - that I get sick at the end of my vacations.  The last night I was at the beach, same temperature, same weather, but in the night I was so cold I had to close the windows and get another blanket (the windows were open the WHOLE TIME up until that point). Then a few hours later, I woke up roasting. I was exhausted yesterday and when I got home, I slept for hours. Then I went to bed around midnight (early for me, especially if I have had a nap). I got so cold I had the chills but the thermometer in the house said it was 79 degrees. I was bundled head to toe in blankets, socks, sweater.  Woke up today with a headache and a temperature.

I think I have cellulitis again. :(  I am so careful and I have been so conscientious.  It is maddening. Usually, when I get it, I get it twice within 6 months and then I won't have it again for 2-3 years, so here's hoping this is the second bout and I won't need to have it EVER again.

Whatever I did, I'm SORRY!

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