Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Blogs to Explore

While I'm away on vacation, I wanted to find some fun things to post - short but I also am not breaking my streak of making sure to post for every day. I'm also writing some of my posts this week by hand just because I'm on vacation and I want to avoid too much stuff that seems like work.

As a participant of Nablopomo each month, I have access to a Blogroll of other participants. I haven't done a tour in a while now, but I thought I would check some of the blogs out and see if I could find some new favorites. I did find a couple of cool blogs that I am adding to my list.

One post that made me laugh out loud is at Post it Notes from Hades - funny!  This particular post talks about our culture of body art and how that is going to translate as we age. Check it out!

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