Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday is Hump Day

I woke up today and I wasn't even sure what day it was. I have a phone meeting scheduled on Wednesday mornings and it is the most likely day for me to be discombobulated and I'm NEVER where I need to be for the call. Today, I was driving, made the call and had to pull over when I realized I couldn't talk and drive at the same time. I'm glad that I'm smart enough to realize that I couldn't make both happen today. Sometimes you can have the "how are you? I'm on my way conversations" or the listening to the other person talk conversations in the car, but not the important, "what's going on at work? Where do you need help? What are your goals?" kind of talk.  At least I can't.

It is funny how things have evolved over time - we went from not talking on phones in the car because we didn't have them, then when I got a cell phone, I talked on the phone all the way down to Monmouth 3 times a week (it was a bad time in my life).  Then the shine wore off of cell phones, so less talking while driving. Then there was the whole smart phone creation and the period of time where I worked at night and I was expected to keep up on the daytime stuff even though I didn't start officially until 3:30pm.  I texted in the car, did conference calls in the car, etc.  In 2008, a law in Washington changed that you couldn't text in the car or have the cell phone in your hand while driving. Can I say that I was never so happy?  In preparation for the inplementation of the law, I just put my cell phone in my purse and stopped answering anything while in the car.  I was HYPER vigilante about it for a long time. Now, I will listen to a conference call or talk on the phone with my earpiece if I HAVE TO, but with the understanding that at the first sign of trouble, I throw it down and call back when I'm not mobile.

Anyway, this is what was on my mind today...

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