Monday, March 21, 2011

Art Journaling Update from the Weekend

I was having some problems with my photo editor yesterday, so I was delayed in posting some of my new pages from last week. Mostly I did them over the weekend, but I did a lot of cutting and sorting last week.  Also, I have a new glue that I am using. I can't decide if I like it or not - it gets really heated up and mushy which can be positive and negative, but it smells good and so far, it is a good adhesive. It is Coccoina (no idea how to say it).  It is solvent free and smells a little like almonds. :)

Here are some new pages:

This one is my favorite of the bunch. I like the legs and the skirt. It felt like I was breaking out of a rut or something.  I am looking for more images that will help me stretch and do different things.

I couldn't resist using the colored windows background on several pages. I thought it tied them together nicely, even though they are all really different pages.  Obviously, I love the multicolored nature of them and they are just so vibrant. It helped some of the more muted colors show up better.

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