Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Secret Millionaire" and Techology Rant

Topic 1: "Secret Millionaire" is my new favorite television program. I love seeing the good work that people are doing in the world despite sometimes overwhelming obstacles. It makes me appreciate what I have a lot more and think about what I can do to help make the world a better place. And it makes me cry every time I watch it.

Topic 2: I'm so tired of hearing about the Android iPad Super-3G 4G extra-fast smart coverage super-duper phones and computers and the cloud and how we can manipulate photos and everything should be faster and we can now watch television and walk the dog and talk on the phone and email and text and listen to music all a the same time. I'm tired of having to dodge people as I am walking because they are looking down at their phones and not paying attention to where they are walking. Or having to listen to people's phone conversations because I am in proximity to the conversation. Please use your ear piece and not speaker phone. It makes no sense that our television screens and computer monitors are getting bigger but we are being encouraged to utilize smaller and smaller screens to access the same information/entertainment. I barely use my smart phone for anything, I don't watch television on a tiny screen and my eyes can definitely feel when I have been on the computer for too long.

I'm not against technology or even against technological improvements. I just wonder how fast is fast enough. I just prefer humans. I like all my gadgets and I use them, but they don't control my life. The more crazy it seems, the more I want to back away.

I think I have just felt barraged this week by commercials and speaker phone calls and lots of technology "stuff". It will all work itself out. I just needed to rant.

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