Friday, March 18, 2011

Clock Watching Doesn't Work

Today, I was ready to go home by 3:30pm...not that I didn't have anything to do - I just was sort of done.   I always feel guilty when I start feeling like that. I was discombobulated all week and everyone could tell - a couple of people said, "What's wrong with you?" in a laughing way because I didn't know what day it was or I looked confused when they asked me questions. Then, today, while I was on a conference call, my eyes decided they were tired and I got all squinty for the rest of the day, so it made me look tired. When people tell you, "Wow, you look tired", you start to feel tired. Hence my tiny stint of clock-watching.

What is funny about clock-watching for me is that I feel guilty about it so I start looking for projects and usually, those clock-watching days end up being days that I stay even later than normal. This was no exception.  I finally landed on writing a weekly update (which I have been remiss in doing for a month or more) and ended up not leaving work about an hour after I had planned.  I don't mind, though, because it does mean that I wasn't slacking off and I don't feel as bad for wanting to leave at 3:30pm when I stayed until 6:30pm.

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