Sunday, June 24, 2012


If you have been reading here for any length of time at all, you have probably gathered that I am what is nicely referred to by some people as "change resistant". I am in an epic, lifetime battle with change. I know I need it. I know that if you don't change, the world changes all around you. I know it. I really, really do.  I can't help how I feel.  Some things are easy for me to change, to adapt. Some things, not so much.

Take mobile technology, for example. When I started at my current place of work, I was given a Sidekick II - one of the earliest smartphones with email, AIM, texting, phone, camera, games, internet access.  I never really used the internet access and the game that was on there was lame and made my thumb hurt, so I rarely used that. The rest, I used a lot. I had that phone for 5 years until TMobile pulled the plug. Well, really, Microsoft, who bought the Danger network, pulled the plug (I think...). Anyway, I used it until midnight the night they turned it off. I was given a blackberry (about a year ago) which I still struggle with. It is not as user-friendly, it doesn't have the same features. I just don't like it.

My personal cell phone was, for a long time, an old Nokia basic model that did nothing. It was the phone everyone got. It lasted a long time. I just started to think I needed something updated. I got a blackberry (way older version) and I HATED IT and then, finally, I got locked out of it.  Recently, I decided that I was never going to like the stupid thing (especially as I still don't like the one I have for work), so I went to TMobile to see if I could upgrade to one of the Sidekick 3G (4G...I don't know).  I know I like Sidekick, so I assumed that I would be able to use that relatively easily.  They discontinued it. Of course.  I ordered something else - it has a keyboard more like the sidekick one...a slider. I'm worried about it. I got it in the mail more than 3 weeks ago.

Today, I opened it and plugged it in.  I charged it up. It has the same phone number as my other phone. I tried to turn it on, using the booklet they provided. I have no idea how to use it. Even with the book. I'm in over my head. I think it is a sign. I don't need a computer in my pocket. I really don't.  I know I will figure it out (I will probably enlist the help of someone 10 years younger than me) but it still isn't a Sidekick.

Hi. My name is Jean and I'm resistant to change.

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