Saturday, June 2, 2012

Something Was Bugging Me Today

For some reason, I was pulled onto Memory Lane today - found a picture on Google Maps of the house I lived in in Florida. It is weird to see something like that... In Europe, they don't allow the street view photos, so I haven't seen a lower view of the area where I lived when I was in Germany. I don't know the address of the street I lived on in Colorado and I think my family has a few pictures of that house. We have only a couple of photos from Europe as all our slides were stolen along with all our cameras when we were on the way back from Wiesbaden. :(

I think someday I will take a tour of all the places I lived...The area in Germany looks pretty much the same from Google maps - I can see the familiar buildings and streets where I walked to school and the playgrounds where I spent my recesses and summers.

Weird how a mood strikes you like that.

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