Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reading: Confucius

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ~Confucius  

Today did not prove to be that much better than yesterday except for my sincere appreciation for the people around me who, rather than letting me exhaust myself dog-paddling for shore, gently pulled me into their boat and rowed me to shore.   I had to just surrender into feeling overwhelmed and less-than-competent and just appreciate the kindness of others.  

As a result of said day, I choose to check in on my reading progress, which I do keep on the sidebar, but don't change regularly.  I have only missed 3 days of reading since my start in January.  I started out strongly, reading all four of the "Twilight" series books in January.    Then, the search for a book that would hold my interest...I think I have to rebuild my "reading patience" - knowing that a book doesn't necessarily grab you right away, but that I have to give it a chance.  I am a "slow to warm" person in real life and I think I am that way with characters in books - I don't want to be hurt by real people or fictional characters. Ha.  

I am nearing the end of "Walking in Circles Before Lying Down" which has been funnier than I thought.  I am also in the middle of Maya Angelou's "Letter to My Daughter", a book of beautiful essays.  You can't read them all at once - they have to be savored.  So, although I am behind in where I would like to be book-count wise and page-count wise, I am happy to be reading daily and enjoying the journey.  Book recommendations welcome here...                        

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