Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Presenting is Good

As I approach my 20th anniversary as an interpreter, I am realizing how good it is to be comfortable in my skills, in my strengths, my knowledge.

Today, I presented on Theatrical interpreting at WOU and it went really well. The students were very engaged and asked insightful questions. I had a power point and a packet that I didn't need to use because I've been doing this for so freaking long, I don't need notes to talk about it. The process of developing the presentation helps me clear my thoughts and the drive down helps me pick the music that I want to use as examples.

This year, I used "Spring Awakening" as that is the show that has most resonated with me this year. I had the students interpret to "Away in a Manger" (the Christmas song) so that they would get the feel for interpreting something when you KNOW the words and "Mama Who Bore Me" from SA as an example of a song they didn't know. I didn't care about the interpretation so much as the FEELING of interpreting something they weren't familiar with. I hope it was fun for them...it was certainly fun for me.

I love being 40-something. I love that I have been doing this job long enough that I know what I know and I know I need to learn more and I know where I need to improve. It felt really good. I loved introducing a topic that has brought so much joy to my life and has been the impetus for so much growth, both professionally and personally.

So, here is "Mama Who Bore Me" from "Spring Awakening" - for your enjoyment. :)


Here is my other favorite song from the show, "Left Behind". It has really beautiful lyrics - especially if you have ever known someone who died very young...This is Hunter Parrish (as Melchior)

And an acoustic version from Kyle Riabko...

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