Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seriously Wrecking Week 8

I had a very productive week of wrecking for Week 8. I can't believe we are almost done. I left some of the really hard ones for the last week...but I'm feeling it, so I think some major wreckage and rumpusing will be happening in Week 9. Stay tuned!

I made a secret message that I put in an envelope that I made and glued to the back of the journal. When I'm done with my WRECKING, then I can open my secret message.

Then I did the NEGATIVE THOUGHTS page.

It is a dangerous page - I was surprised at how mean my inner critic was being. I didn't like that I filled the whole page with negative thoughts.

So I decided that I would take that page out and teach it a lesson.

So there.

I received my exchange page this week and WOW! is it BEAUTIFUL! Carrie sent me a lovely note and this beautiful outline of her hand. I love the black and white-ness of it. And I love the delicate doodles and artistry of the page. Thank you, Carrie!

I added her page to my journal.

I decorated the back cover some more.

Some scratching with my letter opener. I cut all the way through the page. Oops! Hee hee!

I started doodling over one of the pages...still working on it.

I glued some pages together...

I played more with my water color crayons and my tiny water color set on the test page...

Glued some words from a magazine page...

Added some more end color...


  1. Love all your pages and what a great way to let go the negative thoughts! Great wreck work! :)

  2. I really like what you did with the negative comments page, I think I will do the same once it's filled up

  3. Great stuff! What a wonderful approach to the negative comments page. Take that, saboteur!

  4. Lots and lots of lovely wreckage. How awesome.

  5. A busy week!! Go with those scissors - snip snip snip - kill those negative thoughts!!

  6. I love all the colors and also love the fact that you snipped up all those negative thoughts!

  7. Yay!!! Good for you taking care of that inner critic!!! Your pages are great!

  8. So awesome and artsy and creative!!
    I love the look of your journal!!

  9. Your journal is amazing! Totally inspiring to this wrecker who had something happen to her wrecking mojo, but it back on track.

  10. Your journal is beautiful. And you are very creative. Happy wrecking.
    See ya.

  11. Wow you totally wrecked it this week!!! What a great way to treat negative thoughts, and then an intrigue to carry through to the end wiht a secret. :) Will you tell us the secret next week? LOL

  12. You have had a very busy week of wrecking! That secret page is awesome! And Carrie's page is really great.

  13. That is a great idea for the negative comments page. Write it out and then destroy it! I love it! Great job!

  14. Bravo! Cutting up the negative thoughts and tossing them out - Fabulous! The favorite page you received is totally cool :) You really did get a lot accomplished this week - Congrats!

  15. Love how you handled the negative comments page ~ bet that felt fantastic!

    ANd I love the envelope with you message, and the date you can open it, when you finish. When you open I hope it is not to secret to tell us ~ tho I understand if it is.

    What rumpus you have been up to!

  16. I love my Wreck this Journal. It's a great exercise in not holding on to things.
    It was great to see how other people do with it.



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