Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Scenes

1. watermelons, 2. Salmon Street Springs, 8 seconds, 3. fireflies in a jar, 4. Ghost of Multnomah Falls?, 5. Evening in St. Johns, 6. Spreading sunshine, 7. fruity popsicles, 8. Ribs, 9. IMG_4962, 10. Float Flowers by Jim, 11. Cannon Beach, 12. Birthday Girl with a Red Charlotte, 13. Strawberry, 14. ...and red is definitely it!, 15. Lemonade Stand, 16. Perfect Summer Melonscape!

Some funny little comments about these images of summer...

I haven't seen a firefly in years. When I was little, we would go "back east" to visit my grandparents, one set in Charleston, West Virginia, and the other set outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We used to see fireflies light up the night when I was a kid. The last time I was back to visit them was in 1984 and there were very few fireflies out when I was there. Now, I'm sure there are less.

Roby and I used to consume copious amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper and Lifesaver popsicles. Lifesaver popsicles weren't my favorite - I think the ones I like are Popsicle brand (or I love those Tupperware popsicle makers...). They were his favorite, though, so we ate them for dinner when it was too hot out. Especially when he lived at The May. Apartment 304. I miss that dumb double studio.

We used to watch the Starlight Parade and the Rose Parade from his fire escape. His apartment looked down Taylor and was on the street where the parade broke up, so we had a great view.

I looked for pictures of Peacock in the Park but I didn't find anything in flickr. That is the biggest summer event I used to participate in annually.

As for Multnomah Falls, on really hot days, I would pick Roby up from work, we would go to Scary Safeway (due to its location and clientele) and pick up some french bread, some beverages, some turkey and some grapes and go have an impromptu picnic at Multnomah Falls. We would sit with our feet in the water and dream about all the great things we were going to do in the world.

I know there are lots of photos of watermelon. I miss watermelon. It is my favorite fruit, but I can't eat it because I am anaphlyactically allergic. I believe watermelon is related to ragweed. I have one of those allergies that transformed into a food allergy. It is so frustrating because watermelon really represents summer food to me in so many ways.

The cake is there for two reasons - one - I love pink and strawberries and two - my birthday is this week and I thought it was pretty.

Other images - Cannon Beach, swinging, playing in Salmon Street Springs fountain in Portland - all memories of summers past.

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