Friday, July 3, 2009

Wreck This Journal: Week 5

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 This week I thought about a lot of wrecking again...I meant to put the journal in the mail this week, but I didn't do it. I want to mail it before I get it wet and heavy. I think I will mail it on Monday. I didn't do as much wreckage as I wanted but what I did do was fun.

I did some more cover art.

I started the office supplies page, but again, waiting for mailing before I embark fully on this page.

I threw things at the book.

They didn't pop when they hit the book, so I had to close the book and stomp on them...sorry, I didn't get any action pics. I may have to do it again, tee hee.

I started to make a chain, but I didn't like it...I didn't have any tape, so that part will have to wait a little while. I liked coloring the strips...then I saw that the color had bled through - normally I would hate that, so I took pictures and celebrated the fact that the color bled through onto the fruit sticker page, which I am slowly working on...I've been buying fresh, local fruit, so no stickers. :)
Ok, fruit sticker first...

Here it is with bleed through...

Then the chain and bleeding colors...

Maybe I will make the chain later...

I wrote in it with a pen which bled through. On several pages.


  1. I love the pop its Ideal that was great. You can always paint the page it bled into and that will fix it. Happy wreckage.

  2. Throwing explosives at your journal... now that's what I call SERIOUS wrecking!

  3. Wooohooo, hurray to a serious wrecker! Great wreck work. :)

  4. OK, you had little explosives inside your journal, and you were stomping on it to make them pop ... THAT is a wild rumpus! I just think it is very cruel to us your adoring fans, that we don't get a photo of the stomping :)

  5. You are a wild rumpus of explosive wrecking! :)

  6. I like all the color, and esp. the part where you have circled the dedication to perfectionists and written your own comment there! A good idea - I could use that, too!

  7. You are wrecking your pages fantastic!
    Hmmmmm you have given me some ideas.

  8. What fun to throw those exploding things at your journal - The creativity in this group is mind boggling.

    I'm still making my way through the WTJ list- and we're almost to Friday again!
    Kristin - The Goat



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