Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Routine or Lack of Routine

With the move at work, all my office stuff is in a box waiting to be placed into furniture fixtures I don't have yet. I am afraid I will make a wrong move, pick the wrong thing, put something in the wrong place. It is all on me now and I'm not sure I want the giant ball of responsibility that I now carry on my shoulders.

But the more important part of all of this is that when all your stuff is in a box and you aren't even going to the same place you have driven to for 4+ years, there is no routine. Everything is an effort - every file, every paper, every move I make requires a thought, a remembering and then action. Nothing routine. Nothing the same. Nothing in the comfort zone.

I know this lack of routine is probably good for me, but it throws off my equilibrium, it makes me anxious - my eye has been twitching. I need more magnesium, but the reason I do is because of stress. I find lack of routine stressful. Even when I was a freelance interpreter, I sought out routine. I worked for the same places, I built a routine schedule for a term at a time. I like that. I need that. If I have my routines, then all the rest of the world can be chaotic and I will be able to work through it. Having my world and the rest of the world in chaos at the same time rocks my world on its axis a little.

I guess Routine is a great theme for me this month. Maybe by the end, I will have established one.

P.S. 6 more days until my telecoaching starts. I can't wait!

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