Thursday, July 2, 2009

*8 Things: Guiding Values (*8 Things Thursdays)

Well, last time I did an *8 Things list, I did it on a Sunday. I had just found out about it and was so excited, I did it that day! Ha!

Anyway, I am doing it on the right day, even though it feels like Friday with the holiday being observed tomorrow.

My *8 Things: Guiding Values came from an exercise I was just working on for my telecoaching course with Patti Digh of 37Days. One of the questions on the pre-worksheet asks about my values. It took me some time to narrow them down and I had to eliminate a couple that didn't make the cut of the top five. I get to add them back now! :) Below are the 8 values I have chosen and how I define them.

1. Compassion - Understanding the pain/experiences of others and acting with kindness or helpfulness in an attempt to alleviate, even temporarily, the pain of others.

2. Creativity - Maintaining a connection with imagination, playfulness, art, music, theatre – things that make life beautiful. Incorporating creativity in our lives is an important part of joy and can manifest itself in many different ways. Each of us has a creative spirit if we allow/encourage that part of ourselves and others.

3. Humor - The ability to laugh allows me to rise above any situation – eventually. Making others laugh feels like a gift and raises my spirits. Humor is part of my daily existence.

4. Integrity - Living an honest life – treating people equitably – apologizing when I have hurt someone or done something wrong – being consistent with who I am – all these qualities allow me to breathe easier knowing that I am being myself. Living with integrity helps me to live with compassion, creativity, humor and joy.

5. Joy - Finding joy is different than being happy. Finding joy can come in the most devastating moments. Joy means seeing/celebrating the beauty in life.

6. Passion - 100% commitment to the people/things that you value, love, cherish. I have passion for books, for people, for stories, for musical theatre, for my loved ones.

7. Connection - Those moments when you truly know that we are all on the earth to hold each other up. When you know something clicked for you and another person or a group of people. Not disengaging.

8. Abundance - There is joy for everyone. There is love for everyone. There is work for everyone. We don't have to be stingy with any of it. There is enough to go around.

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