Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reporting In

So, I worked on my journal this weekend in preparation for my tele-coaching class. Ultimately, I took the call in the car...It was the only place I could find where no one would call me or AIM me or need to talk to me or need something. When the call started, I was trying to juggle my journal (a little on the big side) and after a couple of minutes, I started frantically looking around the car for something easier to handle because I wasn't muted and I didn't want to accidentally honk my horn while I was trying to wrestle with my journal.

In the move, a few things that should have found their way out of my office a long time ago ended up in my car. One of them - a spiral bound 2007 desk calendar (no pictures, no frills, nothing). Obviously, it was no longer good for its original purpose, so I picked it up and it was THE PERFECT FIT. I KNEW there was a reason I didn't put it in the shredder.

I decided that the journal was the journal - for processing, for other work related to the class - stuff that I could do at home, in a comfortable place with a table or a desk. The calendar has found new life as my note notebook for the class.

I'm happy. I'm nervous.

P.S. I saw a piece of video of peole at MJ's house in Gary, Indiana. It had a shrine all over it. It made my heart hurt because it occurred to me that we are so desperate for human connection, for love, for a place to express all the emotions we have and we don't really know how to do it with real people. We are afraid to talk to each other, so we worship people we will never meet so that we can lavish our attention and our pent up love on SOMEONE. It makes me sad.

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